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Course Curriculum

SAP APO Course Content

SAP APO DP with BW and SNP with CIF Training Topics with Schedule
Demand Planning – DP
Business Intelligence Specific to DP
Core Interface – CIF
Supply Network Planning – SNP
PP/DS Overview

1st Class  :   Supply Chain Management and SAP APO Overview
2nd Class :  SAP APO Demand Planning Overview
DP – Demand Planning Topics
3rd Class :     Model & Version, Storage Bucket Profile, Time Bucket Profiles
4th Class :    MPOS and CVCs
5th Class :    Planning Area and Time Series
6th Class :    Data Views and Planning Books
7th Class :    Univariate Profile, Master Forecasting Profile
8th Class :   Interactive Planning Screen Details
9th Class :   Statistical Forecasting
10th Class :    Life Cycle Management
11th Class :    Macros
12th Class :   Alerts Management
13th Class :   Mass Processing / Back Ground Jobs
14th Class :   Proportional Factors / Aggregation and Disaggregation
15th Class :   Realignment and Copy
16th Class :   Forecast Release to SNP
17th Class :   Product Split and Location Split
18th Class :  Calendars, Time Stream ID and Fiscal Year Variants, Period Split, Distribution Definition etc.
         BI :  Business Intelligence Specific to DP( APO DP- BI)
19th Class :  Overview of SAP APO DP with BW/BI Integration
20th Class :  Info Objects, Info Area, Characteristics and Key Figures
21st Class:   Info Cubes
22nd Class :  Process Chains

CIF – Core Interface
23rd Class :   Overview of Core Interface
24th Class :   Logical Systems, RFC, Business System Group, CIF Connections
25th Class :   ECC to APO Data Transfer (Master and Transactional)
26th Class :   APO to ECC data Transfer
27th Class :  Error Handling and CIF Monitoring

SNP – Supply Network Planning
28th Class  :   SNP Overview
39th Class  :   Administrative Data in SNP like MPOS, Planning Books, and Planning Area etc
30th Class  :   General Setting in SNP
31st Class  :   SNP Profiles
32nd Class :   Location, Product Master Data
33rd Class  :  Resource, PPM / PDS and Transportation Lanes Master Data
34th Class  :   SNP Heuristics
35th Class  :  SNP Deployment and TLB
36th Class  :  SNP Optimizer
37th Class : SNP CTM
38th Class :  PP/DS Overview and Important T.Codes
39th Class :  APO Projects Session
40th Class :  Additional Session.


Course Overview


What is SAP APO?

The words Advanced Planning and optimization can be abbreviated as SAP APO. This is one of the majority accepted training part for SAP professionals who are working in system security & related work. SAP APO certified professionals are called as Optimization expert. Bestway Technologies offers dominance & business associated best simplified online training’s on SAP Advanced Planner & Optimization Training module that will be helpful for acquiring SAP APO 7.0 online course certification. The whole sessions are concluded on fundamental mode so that all the participants can complete their online course from anytime and anywhere they are contented with

  • SAP Advanced Planning and Optimization.
  • Functions that are used to plan and execute supply chain processes.
  • Allows Business collaboration on a strategic, tactical and operational planning level.
  • Leads to Constant optimization and evaluation of the supply chain network’s efficiency.
  • It helps Co-operation among partners at all steps of the supply chain process, from order receipt, stock monitoring, through final shipping of the product.

An In-depth information on a SAP APO project which targets on all the serious components of SAP APO will be provide by our trainer. As a result, you can augment your visibility and enlarge your effectiveness and illustrate genuine relations between different components of SAP APO. You will be provides with the whole syllabus covering all the aspects of this project.

SAP Advanced Planner and Optimizer (APO) is intended to help a business to improve making pricing, planning, scheduling, and product shipping. APO mechanism by getting live updates from retailers on customer demand. The updates of SAP APO such as the delivery schedule of raw materials and productions cycles, which are used to generate “command triggers” that take into relation many compound variables to predict the right amount of product mix the company, will need to meet future customer demands. APO can also be incorporated with the SAP R/3 and inheritance enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

APO consists of various application levels among them eight are important: demand planning, network design,  production planning and detailed scheduling, supply network planning, global availability, transportation planning and vehicle scheduling, and supply chain collaboration.

Studying this course ensures that you are able to determine possible stock deployment and be able to group them in orders. SAP APO course main motto is to at hand you with entire knowledge on the finest suite of supply chain planner applications that enhances complete knowledge of the supply chain for proper planning, forecasting and optimization.

This course provides you in depth knowledge on the growth of different plans like distribution supply, cross- location production, as well as procurement plans.

Who should do this course in Bestway Technologies?

SAP APO is being used by most of the world’s top multinationals. SAP APO professionals are earning very much good and high salary when differentiated with other technologies. Now, at present there is no pre requirement for learning SAP APO. With a numerous of job opportunities in SAP APO, the next job roles will get benefited from this course

  • People having SAP R/3 or SAP ERP knowledge
  • People having SAP Net Weaver knowledge including integration knowledge


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By: Ramachandra Sarma, Rating:
Hi i am Ramachandra Sarma, I did SAP APO Online Training in this institute.And really the training is very good. They were helping to changed my career in SAP APO. Thanks For Kalyan Sir.

By: Narpal Singh, Rating:
This is the best training institute to learn SAP APO Online Course.This institute gives me the more practical knowledge and server access 24/7 .

Amazing place to learn SAP APO. Great infrastructure and really helpful faculty specially Kalyan Sir who is ready to give guidance any time.

By: Sergio Rosa, Rating:
Great experience for me with Kalyan Sir

By: Narendra Reddy, Rating:
I have Completed SAP APO Online Training in BESTWAY Technologies. Really i had a better experience with Kalyan. He cleared my doubts in even am not in class hours. thank you so much for your knowledge sharing.

By: Jaganath, Rating:
Excellent training for SAP APO. Attended two months back and got placed in a good company. Thanks for your support in preparing the resume and guidance.

By: Vijayashankar, Rating:
Dear Kalyan, Thank you so much. Training was so good and very useful for me and way you teaching is really great. Hope this training program will help me to change my carrier path. Definitely will keep in touch with you in future. once again thank you so much, sir.

By: Anas Jamil, Rating:
Dear Kalyan , Yes , indeed the training you provided us is awesome and will help me a lot in my future.

By: Anuradha, Rating:
A rather delayed response from my side. I have been traveling quite a bit since we finished our course. I am not on Linked in and hence unable to give my feedback or recommendation there. As I had mentioned earlier, I have taken a break in my career for personal reasons( looking after elderly parents/in laws) and therefore yet to create/update profile for Linked In. I propose to get back to work in a month or two. I found a lot of value in learning from you. I have always been on the client side and although the course was designed for IT personnel, I have found it very useful. I have structured my feedback under 2 headings. 1) The course 2) The Instructor. 1) The Course was I) Well Paced II) Easy to Understand- Concepts explained in layman’s terms iii) Value for money iv) Very good early morning timing, ( would have been suitable even if I was working. I live in the Middle East, Dubai) 2) The Instructor. Kalyan is a very knowledgeable, sincere, patient, enthusiastic teacher. He has managed to explain in simple terms a complex topic as APO and has been around to clarify and do his best for his students during the course. His winning attitude is evident from his commitment to support his students long after the course is over in terms of clarifying doubts during installation or taking exams, facing interviews. Each time you said " Practice and try for jobs", I almost felt a family member telling me so. Any superlative is less for you. My overall experience has been very positive. I might think of taking further courses under your tutelage or recommend others to do so. Wishing you all the best. Best Regards, Anuradha.