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Course Curriculum

R/3 Architecture.
Landscape of SAP.
BW – Introduction, DWH Introduction
SAP Business Warehouse concepts and Overview
Different Source Systems
Star Schema and Extended Star Schema
Difference between OLAP and OLTP Processors

3.x Objects
Info area
Info object Catalog
Info Objects
Application component
Info source
Data source
Transfer rules
Communication structure
Update rules
Info Cubes
Info Package

7.X Objects
Info Area
Info Object catalog
Info objects
Data source
Source system
Application component
Data source
Info Cube
Info package

Flat file extractions (3.x & 7.x)

Master data extraction




Transaction data    extraction

               To DSO

               To Info Cube

               DSO to Info Cube

Data Flow difference between BW3.x and 7.X

Migration Strategyfrom BW3.X to BW7.X

Data mart concept.

Info Providers: (3.x & 7.x)
Info Objects
Introduction to InfoCubes
Types of InfoCubes.
              Standard InfoCube
              Real time Infocube
              Virtual Providers

Introduction to ABAP.
Creating Tables
Creating views
Concepts of Routines and Types of Routines
Field Level Routine, Expert Routine , Start Routine and End Routine

BI Content
Introduction to Meta Data Repository
Introduction to Business content
Grouping & Collection Mode options in BI Content
Finding proper Object in Business Content and Installing Objects.

BEx Query Designer &BExAnalyser.
Calculated key figures
Restricted key figures
Free characteristic
Query monitoring
Navigational Attributes.
Display Attributes.
Assigning hierarchy to Query.
Publish a SAP BI Report


SAP Business content – Extraction
Introduction to Business Content Extraction
Master data Extraction (Attribute, Text & Hierarchy Data)
Transaction data Extraction.

Generic extraction
Generic Data Extraction using-Table, Function Module ,View and Infused Query
Delta Setup in Generic extraction using Generic Delta (extraction Using Time stamp, calendar day, Numeric Pointer)

Logistic Data Extraction
Introduction to Logistic Extraction.
Update methods - Direct delta, Queued delta& V3
Un serialized delta.

Controlling and Profitability Analysis Extraction
Functionality of Account Based and Cost based in CO-PA Extraction
CO-PA Extraction

Introduction to Datastore Object(DSO)
Types of DSO's .
                  Standard DSO
                  Direct-Update DS
                  Write Optimized DSO
Multi Providers & Info set

Analysis Process Designer

Introduction to Transformations
Transformation Rule types (Direct assignment, Time Distribution, read master data, Routines, Constant, Initial value, No update, Read from DSO)
Transformation Rule Groups

Open Hub Destination
Destination As Table(Local & Application server)
Destination As Data Base Table.
Concepts of Info spoke(in 3.x)


Error Stack

Process Chain
Introduction to Process Chain
Creating Master Data Process Chains
Creating Transactional Data Process Chain
Scheduling Process Chains
Creating Meta Chain
Monitoring process chains
Removing from schedule and rescheduling the process chains

Performance Management
Types of Performance Optimization Techniques
Backend or Data Loading Performance Techniques
Deleting Indexes.
Line - item Dimension&High cardinality
Aggregates & Collapse.
Partitioning & Re-Partitioning
DB Statistics
BI Performance Tuning Activities

Introduction to Transportation.
BW system Landscape
Creating of Package and Transport requests
Collecting the objects in BW across the Landscape
Transporting the Objects across the BW Landscape
Deleting and reimporting Transport requests.
Finding transportation Logs and return cods.
Transportation error and Solutions

SAP BW 7.3
New options in RSA1 screen
New Master Data Deletion
Graphical Data flow modelling option in RSA1 screen
Data Flow generation wizard
Data Migration of 3.X flow to 7.X flow
New options in Info Area Context Menu
New options in Create / Edit DSO screen
New options in Create Infocube screen
New Options in DSO.
New options in Transformation.
New options in Execute Tab and DTP Extraction Tab.
Delta Init without Data
Parallel Extraction
Semantic Partitioned Objects
More options while creating Multi Providers
Data Extraction from Multi Provider
Version Management
DB partitioning for DSO
Transformations in Navigational Use of attributes as source fields.

SAP BW 7.4
Features of BW 7.4 Powered by HANA
Overview SAP BW/ BI 7.4 on SAP HANA & further Roadmap
Eclipse based Modeling Tools
Maintenance Composite Provider
SAP HANA optimized Transformations.

UAT Activities in Real-Time.

How to Check BW system Before Go-Live

BW, BPC Integration Concepts.

Course Overview

What is SAP BW BI?

SAP BI BW training from online is aimed at targeted Audience with a systematic prologue to the whole of SAP BI platform via interactive medium.

SAP BI is also called as Business Intelligence which is the Core module in SAP which can merge your entire commercial in order so you can easily turn information into insight, insight into action and action into improved business operations. SAP BI BW allows organizations to admittance the entire wealth of information accessible over the Internet, transfer it, and use it in business decision making. This interpreted information places a Key importance to the success of an organization. SAP BI certification is valuable to anyone who wants to build a career as a SAP Functional Configuration or SAP Functional Analyst in Business Intelligence and Business Objects.

The SAP BI software is a very useful data extraction and reporting tool. It can work with SAP applications as well as other external data sources. Today there is a need for Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing professionals in multiple areas like sales, marketing, IT, operations and so on. Hence this SAP education and consequent certification can help out you grab the best jobs in the industry.

The SAP BI BW Training Course from Best Way Technologies reaches all the significant aspects of the SAP Business Intelligence and Business Warehousing domains. You will be trained in various modules like SAP BW Modeling, SAP Architecture, extracting data from SAP BW, Application of SAP, and study of SAP BW Data Schema.

What you will learn in this SAP BI BW Training Course from Bestway Technologies?

  • Learn about Info Object and Info Cube in SAP
  • The Data transfer process in SAP BI
  • Data store objects functionality
  • Learn LO-Cockpit description and Data Sources
  • Business Explorer web application and query
  • Using BEx Analyzer for Restrictions and Exceptions

Who should go for this SAP BI BW Training Course?

  • Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing professionals
  • SAP Technical & OLAP Consultants
  • Software Analysts and Mainframe professionals
  • Project Managers and Business Objects Professionals
  • Those aspiring for a career in SAP BI/BW
  • SAP Functional Configurator
  • BI Professionals
  • Functional Analysts
  • Business Objects Experts
  • End Users
  • Professionals who are looking to extend their knowledge towards advanced technologies.

Following section provides you the brief overview on SAP BI, in-depth knowledge will be shared as a part of SAP BI Training.

  • The company needs to play with their business data for more optimization & profitability & productivity. The tools required is SAP BI.
  • And it provides the facility for reporting, analysis and interpretation.
  • While you register for SAP BI Training you will learn how these data can take more wise decision in order t run the company.
  • Business intelligence which is called BI which is a submission used for giving meaning to raw data that an organization has.
  • This statistics can be accessible in the structure of information and can be displayed in the form of tables, charts etc. which is efficient and easier to analyze and make business decisions.
  • Business Intelligence spans a varied set of toolset, of which the Data Ware House consolidates
  • It loads the data from the different Source Systems, while reporting tools like Query Designer, Web Application Designer, and Analyzer
  • It majorly used to create reports which display the data consolidated by the Data warehouse for analyzing purpose.
  • Providing its customers/organizations with a user friendly Business Intelligence is a SAP product which majorly focuses on and very useful form of representing data that could be helpful for analyses purpose and making business decisions.


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By: Daliparthy Sarma, Rating:
One of the best institute for SAP BW BI, learning curve is very sharp and instructor are very knowledgeable and helpful. For sure after after completing the course, person will be ready to serve industry specially in SAP BW.

By: Ripunjay P, Rating:
I have completed training in SAP BW BI from BESTWAY Technologies and I am satisfied with the learning process. I would like to thanks BESTWAY and the trainer who helped me in enhancing my skills with SAP. Overall it was a good experience.

By: Muttu, Rating:
Hi This is Muttu from Chennai, SAP BW BI Trainer was very supportive, Technically Strong, class runs on real time examples and Project assignment, i got job in MNC, Thanks to BESTWAY Technologies , Definitely recommended.