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SAP Native HANA Developer XS 2.0
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Course Curriculum

SAP Native HANA Developer / Modeler

Course Duration: 40 hours.

1.   HANA as Database:

1.1. Introduction to HANA Database and Architecture.

  • HANA Servers, Engines and Data base versions.
  • HANA Studio, HANA Web Workbench.
  • Design and run time objects, Schema, Content and different prospective.
  • XS classic and XS Advanced.

1.2.  SQL programming– Coding

  • SQL syntax for Creating Tables and Views.
  • Insert, update and delete data using SQL
  • Partitioning, Compression and Indexing.
  • Synonyms, Data base Triggers and Sequences.
  • SQL Queries, Sub Queries or nested.
  • Joins, Union, Aggregation, Rank and Partition

1.3.   SQL Scripting

  • Standard SQL functions, Custom functions
  • Stored Procedures
  • CURSOR processing
  • If then else and CASE statement.
  • While loop and For Loops.
  • Exception Handling
  • Dynamic SQL
  • SQL Code debugging.
  • Performance optimization of code.


2.   HANA as ETL and Data Warehousing

2.1.   Data Provisioning

  • BO Data Services, Data flows.
  • Smart Data Access(SDA)
  • Smart Data Integration(SDI)
  • ETL using SQL code
  • Flow Graphs and Replication tasks.
  • Core Data Services for data persistency

2.2.  Modeling

  • Calculation views
  • User Defined Table functions.
  • Performance Optimization of the views.
  • Decision tables
  • Text analysis
  • HANA Security, Analytical Privileges.


3.   HANA as in for BW4 HANA and S4 HANA

3.1.  BW/4 HANA

  • HANA Optimized Cubes.
  • Advanced DSO, Open ODS view and Composite Providers.
  • SAP Classic object migration, Performance optimization projects.
  • HANA Query Designer.
  • Mixed approaches with Native HANA.

3.2.  S/4 HANA or ABAP for HANA

  • Core Data Services, Data persistency and Consumption.
  • ABAP CDS Views for analytics.
  • ABAP managed Database Procedures.
  • Embedded analytics in OData browser.


4.   HANA 2.0 SP 2, XS Advanced,using Web IDE for HANA

4.1.  Database module

  • HANA Express Edition on Google Cloud platform.
  • XS commands in Secure Shell(SSH)
  • HDI container, Database module deployment.
  • Synonyms to access Classical schema.
  • CDS artifacts
  • ETL Flowgraphs in Web IDE for HANA.
  • GitHub Integration for Source control.

4.2. HANA Data warehousing foundation

  • Native Data Store Object with CDS.
  • SDI flow graphs for Data transformations.
  • Task Chains.

4.3. Node JS module and Web module

  • Workshop on a complete native Object development.
  • Serverside Java Script or Node JS.
  • OData Services to provide the data access.
  • Web module development for user applications.

Course Overview

What is SAP Native HANA?

SAP Native HANA XS Developer course covers all key capabilities of SAP HANA at a high level. You will learn SAP HANA architecture, data acquisition, and database modeling.

In SAP HANA, native applications use the services and technology provided by the integrated SAP HANA extended application services ( HANA XS ) platform.

The term “native application” refers to a scenario where applications are developed in the design-time environment provided by SAP HANA HANA XS and use the integrated SAP HANA XS platform.

Data Provisioning, you will learn the essential techniques and tools of data provisioning and data transformation for SAP HANA. This course will help you identify the most effective data provisioning solutions for your SAP HANA project which include BODS, Smart Data Access and Smart Data integration. It provides a complete knowledge to build a SQL data warehouse in HANA.

how SAP HANA runs many types of applications including Business Suite, S/4HANA, SAP BI tools, SAP Business Warehouse.

I also provide a workshop on native application development on SAP HANA extended application services (HANA XS) Advanced.

This course is ideal as a starter and Intermediate level or for anyone who will be implementing an application that is powered by SAP HANA.

 Native Application Development

  • All application artifacts are stored in the SAP HANA repository
  • Server-side procedural logic is defined in server-side (XS) JavaScript or SQLScript
  • UI rendering occurs completely in the client (mobile applications, browser)
  • Native applications are developed and run in SAP HANA, for example, using just SQLScript or the extended application services provided by the SAP HANAXS platform (or both)

Who should take this SAP Native HANA Developer Training Course?

There is no specific technology background required, however, having SQL coding knowledge and Data warehousing Knowledge is an added value.  

Trainer Profile

Trainer : Mr. Sreekanth   (working from Toronto, Canada) Certified SAP HANA Consultant/Lead with 11 years of experience in: SAP Native HANA, S4 ABAP CDS, S4 Analytics, SAPUI5, BW/BI HANA and Business Objects. 
- Expertise in HANA views, SQL procedures, OData Service, SAPUI5 applications.
- Expertise in Planning and forecasting applications like Integrated planning and BPC.
- Analytical reporting in Webi, Desgin Studio, Crystal reports, Lumira and Qlikview.
- Data Provisioning: SLT, BODS, SDA and SDI technologies.
- BW on HANA migration and performance optimizations.


  • There is no specific technology background required, however, having SQL coding knowledge and Data warehousing Knowledge is an added value.
  • HANA 2.0, SP 02 Express Edition, XS classic and XS advanced.
All Developers.

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