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SAP S4 Simple Finance
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Course Curriculum

SAP Simple Finance Course Content

1. Introduction SAP HANA

  • Overview on S4 HANAOverview on Simple Finance

2. Introducing SAP S4/HANA and Overview of Simple Finance 1503 1511 1605 &1610

  • Updates on SAP Release for S4 HANA Upgradation paths.Deployment option and Tables replaced with views in 1.0 and 2.0 add onClassic Gl/ New Gl to S4 HANA

3. Ledger, Appendix Ledger and Currency Setup in S4 HANA

  • Overview on leading, Nonleading ledgers & Appendix ledgerCurrency setup changes during migration & New MigrationCurrency setup changes in 1503 1511 and 1605

4. Customization changes for GL

  • Customization changes for General ledgerMerging of General ledger and cost elements

5. Single Source of Truth / Universal Journal

  • Posting and Analyising the ACDOCA tableAccelerated reporting

6. New Asset accounting(EA-FIN)

  • Overview on New Asset accountingConfiguring New Asset accountingAcquisition PostingDepreciation PostingSale and scrap of AssetLegacy Data Upload

7. Changes to Controlling- COPA (Account Based)

  • Overview on Account based COPAAccount based COPA changesNew Period end closing transactions

8. Data Migration Process (Classic Gl/ New Gl to S4 HANA)

  • PreparationInstallationCustomizingData MigrationPost Processing

9. Report Changes in S/4 HANA (Accelerated)

10. Central Finance System

11. SAP Fiori

12. Overview on Cash management powered by SAP HANA

  • Features of cash operationsFeatures of Bank account managementFeature of liquidity management

13. Overview on Integrated business planning for Finance

  • OverviewCost center, Internal order and Profit center Planning

14. Overview on LUMIRA & Analytics tool for reporting

Course Overview

SAP S4 simple finance

What is SAP S4 Simple Finance?

The name SAP Sample Finance training adds on 2.0 for sap business suite powered by SAP HANA 2.0. SAP Simple finance 2.0 is general available since end of last two years back, and in the areas of treasury and financial risk management it includes SAP Accounting powered by SAP HANA, SAP Cash Management and SAP Integrated Business planning for finance and innovations. For finance users, SAP S4 Simple Finance provides easier practice from commencement to consumption. SAP S4 HANA SIMPLE FINANCE Online course from Best Way Technologies will be occurring in specifically demand, user friendly and convenient for new clients.

SAP S4 SIMPLE FINANCE TRAINING now the ease of SAP CLOUD with SAP HANA. SAP Simple Finance is an add on an ERP, a typical product developed to work on top of SAP ERP. Originally it is known as SAP accounting power-driven by SAP HANA and then later it was abridged to SIMPLE FINANCE, recently it is also called as SAP S4 HANA SIMPLE FINANCE.

SAP Simple Finance Training arrangement enables ventures to grasp the advanced age to stay aware of new and developing plans of action to furnish chiefs with moment understanding. With the SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance, the customers can form a typical viewpoint of all the cash related and operational information, give flexible announcing, automate forms and right away assess the budgetary ramifications of business operations with continuous examination, hope and simulation.SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance online course is an arrangement of answers for display the effortlessness of SAP Cloud controlled by SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance in understanding to back related issues over the world. SAP Simple Finance Training is intended to offer key an incentive with moment understanding crosswise over finance.

The software products for SAP Simple Finance training are Simple Finance add-on, SAP HANA live, SAP FIORI, and SAP Smart Business. In these software products a SAP Simple Finance add on needs installation of ERP6, ERP7. SAP HANA live and SAP FIORI they are used for reporting. SAP Smart Business is includes analytical apps containing key performance index’s (KPI).

Prerequisites to learn SAP Simple Finance Training:

  • People who are having good knowledge on SAP Functional courses.
  • Chartered accountants, senior and people who are working in finance stream.
  • MBA graduation with major finance.


  • There are two approaches to learn the Simple Finance training that is Migration and without Migration.
  • If you company is going to migrate from existing ERP systems to New ERP Systems then the migration is mandatory- SAP S4 HANA simple finance online
  • Else if you are using the new ERP system then you need to just update the financial applications with the new ERP system with S/4 update, so in that migration is not required but table migration is required.- SAP Simple Finance Training
  • To gain SAP Simple Finance Training summary, lessons educated, and key points for new SAP S/4 HANA Simple Finance implementations.
  • The major and the significant functionality to run the SAP Simple Finance Training is, the system be supposed to be in SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance database and ECC6 and EHP7 with SR2 on HANA and FIORI and UI5 need to be get updated.
  • Data Warehouse Servers need to be incorporated. SAP S4 HANA Simple Finance, SP9 and BPC 10 is required.
  • SAP S4 Simple Finance teaching alternates the traditional / classical financial applications in your ERP system by flexible SAP Simple Finance.
  • Simple finance training is particularly an extra feature for SAP Business suit powered by SAP HANA which comes with simple data model.


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By: Ramadevi L, Rating:
I have done SAP S4 Simple Finance course here and it was very good. Excellent Trainer.

By: Aaron Yellamaty, Rating:
thanks for giving me such nice SAP Simple Finance online training.

By: Manasa, Rating:
Excellent Simple Finance Training. Practical Classes and hands on sessions are best. I learned a lot easily by the way he teaches ...

By: Naresh Vemulapalli, Rating:
I am very thankful to SAP Simple Finance faculty for being so patient and explaining all concepts clearly. The course was real time Oriented and paving way for both career and future job opportunities.Thank you once again Bestway Trainings

By: Lokesh, Rating:
BESTWAY Technologies is one of the best institute for SAP S4 Simple Finance Online Training in Bangalore and trainer Mr. Naveen sir is too good for his patience,and giving real time training and support.

By: Nitin Pandey, Rating:
SAP Simple Finance training was awesome I learnt so much new things which I didn’t in my college, they train us according to the company requirements. I’ll definitely recommend to my needy friends as well.

By: Rakesh Singh, Rating:
I am totally satisfied with the knowledge gained...Trainers are helpful and clarifies all the doubts.I completed my course in SAP Simple Finance and awesome guidance from BESTWAY Technologies.