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Course Curriculum


Employee Central Mastery – Core HCM module

  1. Introduction to Employee Central
  2. Introduction and basic provisioning set up exercises
  3. Foundation Object
  4. Data models
  5. Employee Central Structure
  6. MDF Object
  7. Data model Management
  8. Data model Associations
  9. Provisioning Setting
  10. Enable employee central and RBP
  11. 14 Step Implementation Sequence
  12. Update employee details
  13. ESS/MSS functionality
  14. Understanding security
  15. Managing security with RBP
  16. Data Model Management
  17. EC as a system of record
  18. Setting Up Corporate data Model
  19. EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data
  20. Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables
  21. Creating and modifying associations
  22. Setting up Corporate Data Model
  23. Propagations
  24. Setting up Country Specific Corporate Data Model
  25. Importing users and data
  26. Mass Changes
  27. Setting up Succession Data Model
  28. Customizing employee files
  29. Customizing CSF for employee files
  30. Position Management
  31. Setting up Country Specific corporate Data Model
  32. Absence Management
  33. Workflow Configuration – Role and User
  34. Workflow Configuration- Dynamic Role
  35. Employee Central Reporting and Integration
  36. MDF Overview
  37. MDF Objects creation
  38. Event-Based Workflow Configuration
  39. Manage Business Configuration Rules setup
  40. Manage Workflow Requests/groups
  41. Manage Positions
  42. Position Management settings
  43. Position Org chart
  44. Import & Export Data
  45. Org Chart
  46. Manage Sequence
  47. Monitor Job


Introduction to Mastery

  1. Cloud Solution and Saas Model
  2. Cloud and SF Architecture
  3. History of SuccessFactors
  4. Instance, Provisioning explanation
  5. Technical Architecture
  6. Integration Technology/Tools
  7. SuccessFactors – Sales demo and Professional System Set up
  8. Bizxpert Methodology – Implementation Methodology
  9. Basic company settings in Provisioning
  10. Creating administrators in Provisioning
  11. Creating administrators in Instance
  12. Instance basic settings – Passwords, Home Page, Welcome Menu, Company info, Employee files
  13. Administrator tools
  14. Instance- User Group Creation
  15. Instance Setting up Company Logo
  16. Commonly used terms
  17. Admin Privileges
  18. Instance Re-setting user Account or Password
  19. Proxy Management
  20. Setting up company Logos
  21. Manage Data User Records
  22. Employee Data File
  23. Provisioning Setting-Basic Company Setting
  24. Permissions
  25. Provisioning System-Super Admin Creation
  26. Role-Based Per missioning (RBP)
  27. Picklist Management
  28. Provisioning system-Default Permission and Role-based Training
  29. Text Customization in Instance
  30. XML and Data models
  31. Instance- Password Policies
  32. People Search
  33. Rating Scales
  34. SuccessFactors Data Model Configuration
  35. Route Maps (Workflow)
  36. Instance-Theme Manager Configuration
  37. Launching forms
  38. Employee Profile


Time Management

  1. Creation of Holiday
  2. Creation of holiday Calendar
  3. Time off Process & Workflows
  4. Creation of Work Schedule
  5. Simple, Period Work Schedule
  6. Time Type
  7. Leave of Absence
  8. Manage Time off Calendars
  9. Manage Time off Structures
  10. Absence Management


Analytics & Reporting

  1. Introduction to Reporting.
  2. Activation of Workforce Module in the Provisioning System
  3. Introduction to Dash Boards
  4. Set up process dashboards
  5. Analytics 2.0 Overview
  6. Manage Report Permissions
  7. Cross Domain Report
  8. List view reports
  9. Single Domain Report
  10. Spotlight view reports
  11. Dashboard
  12. Spreadsheet reports
  13. Dashboard Portlet
  14. Classic reports
  15. Introduction to Dashboard
  16. Adding Portlet to Dashboard
  17. Ad-hoc reports
  18. Advanced Reporting


Course Overview

SAP Success Factor


Bestway Technologies online training from India provides an overview of Sap success factors and also provides an option to manage key HR operations and contains HR master data like employee name, identification, user name, etc.

The most significant highlights of Employee Central are recorded as mentioned below

  • AsSAP Success Factors is a cloud arrangement and oversees quarterly, you can easily accommodate organizations changing the work power structure.
  • Success Factors Employee focal oversees various occasions that happened in the existing pattern of a representative. You can follow fundamental occasions like new contract, advancement, move and new task, and different exercises in Employee Central.
  • Integration of Success Factors Employee Central to ERP is increasingly vigorous and gives better quality HR arrangement.
  • It gives extra functionalities like expanded cloud arrangement portfolio, joining with outsider items, re-appropriating capacity, and so on.

Representative Central Integration

SAP ERP relies essentially upon HR information. The HR framework takes different information from other SAP modules. The main reconciliation began for SAP ERP cost focus in SAP Financials to Success Factor. Different other coordination situations were created at a later stage.

Achievement Factors Employee Central can be coordinated with the accompanying frameworks or systems are:

SAP ERP to Success Factor Employee Central

This incorporates giving cost place from SAP Financial to Success Factors to oblige costs for cost focuses, upkeep of representative to cost focus task and different exercises.

Achievement Factor to ERP Integration

You can coordinate SAP SuccessFactors to SAP ERP for ace information. Different ace information can be utilized from ERP to SuccessFactors for HR capacities −

Representative Data Integration − Integration of worker information identified with key exercises like time detailing, travel demand, cost report for Adhoc demands, and so on.

Revealing Line Integration − Reporting line data like the worker to line chief data is overseen in SuccessFactors representative focal as a major aspect of representative activity data.

Worker to office task mix – the representative office task reconciliation is deciphered inside SAP Organizational Management as the connection between the representative's position and the fitting authoritative unit.

Representative to Cost Center task reconciliation − The joining of cost focuses from SAP ERP to SuccessFactors Employee Central permits assignments of cost focuses on workers. This data has returned to the ERP framework for overseeing cost data to the representative position.


Worker Central Payroll-SuccessFactors Employee focal finance is a cloud answer for overseeing finance-related exercises, similar to run finance, charge and different advantages.


Worker Central Payroll is a framework given by SAP − Cloud clients who need to run the finance on cloud highlights. Clients who are utilizing ECC to oversee finance run.

Clients who need to coordinate their Human Resource framework to Employee Central cloud arrangement.

Significant contrasts between Employee Central Payroll and On-premise Payroll framework are given beneath –

EC Payroll is facilitated by SAP, though a client possessed HCM arrangement is facilitated by the organization or an outsider merchant.

Bolster bundle the board is performed by SAP according to most recent discharges for SuccessFactors in EC Payroll, though the BASIS group performs On-premise arrangement fix the board.

EC Payroll has the most recent discharge pack for SuccessFactors, though the On-premise framework is according to organization characterized bolster bundle strategy.

In EC Payroll, there is no entrance to the Operating framework, while in the On-premise HCM framework you have OS-level access.

The reconciliation between On-premise ERP HCM and EC Payroll for ace information is finished utilizing a middleware known as Dell Boomi.

Presently HCI HANA Cloud Integration is being accommodated repeating the ace information to the HCM framework. Representative Central and HCM are both SAP arrangements, which makes it simpler to be incorporated consistently.

There is a possibility for clients to choose SAP HCI or Dell Boomi when buying an SAP SuccessFactors Enterprise Package.


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